Friday, September 3, 2010

Open House

If you're blog hopping your way over from the the lovely, Donna Hosie's, Musings of A Penniless Writer blog, or just happened to stumble by, then welcome! Feel free to indulge in the decadent chocolate fountain and look around. I'm a blogging newbie, just started last month, so keep in mind, it's a work in progress. And now for the bad poetry.

An Open House Message

Welcome friends and visitors
And those who love to lurk,
Your presence here's delightful
A break from all my work.

Please look around and feel at home
I hope you'll read a bit.
May I offer you a beverage
And endless choc-o-late?

Just click below to comment
And leave a link and name.
I'd love to return your favor
By offering the same.

I thank the lovely Donna
Whose musings make me smile,
For hosting a fab party
With charm, (hot men) and style!

A gift for the hostess ----------> chocolate shoes!

p.s. I apologize for not preparing a topic to blog about today. As you may have read in this previous post, I'm in middle of trying to add 10k to my upper MG novel, Nitpicky (working title). Not to mention preparing for another visitor, Hurricane Earl who will be passing by tonight. I'm crossing my fingers that he won't throw a tantrum. Word is he's mellowed out over the last 24 hours, but I'm not taking any chances.


  1. Shoes and a chocolate fountain!!!!!! You are a friend in a million, Suzie.

  2. ps - I just edited my post on my blog. I've just pimped you!

  3. Hi! I took some time off from my own party to mingle with Donna's guests. Only she's wearing heels and I'm wearing my usual writerly get up of pj's and head-band. Yikes, did I just admit that? Anyway, nice to find your blog! Feel free to visit mine & join the hoppin' BBQ, going on for 4 days. You'll find lots of new blogs to follow and follow back.


  4. Miaou! Purrowling in because Donna said you were the new kid on the block.
    Oh, chocolate shoes! Where did you find those? I know someone who would love them!

  5. I hopped over here from Donna's blog, but I'll check back later because your follow button isn't loading. Have a great weekend and welcome to the bloggerhood! :)

  6. Aw, Donna you're so sweet! Thanks for the shout out. You've earned your right to lean back into the fountain and let the chocolate pour down your throat. *hugs*

  7. Hi Karen! Yes, I think Donna sleeps in her Jimmy Choos. Don't worry, your secret's safe with me. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my humble little blog. Looks like your BBQ is the place to be. I'll be sure to whip up some pasta salad and stop by this weekend.

  8. Hello cat! - I believe we first met over at Nicola's blog. Thanks for stopping by. Help yourself to a saucer of milk.

    Hi MT! I think it must be working now. You're on my following list. I'm glad you stopped by and thanks for the welcome!

  9. Hello Suzie! Came here from Donna's fabulous party - couldn't resist the lure of a chocolate fountain. :)

    And I love your poem! Hope Hurricane Earl is still mellow.

  10. Hi Jayne! The best part about chocolate fountains on the internet? No calories! Earl was a polite guest, didn't make much of mess here, and was on his way. Thanks for dropping by!

  11. Hi Suzie,
    I am a loyal reader of Donna's blog (That means I'm following her). She told us to make a detour and visit your blog. So here I am. Since this is a blog party, I hang around your party for a while (I'm following you!) and go back to Donna's crib ;) Hope you visit me up north.
    P.S. Ah yes, I'm a writer too.
    Claudia @

  12. I hope Earl missed you. Many years ago when first husband was in grad school (UConn) we lived in the Connecticut woods for 3 years; and over the years old friends up there have been hit by hurricanes that knocked out power for days and broke tree limbs. Hope you escape this!

    I just found you at KarenG's BBQ. I'm an "older" writer; I think I may call myself the senior writer of blogging, though I have found a few my age and a bit older, but not much older. Blogging is fun. So is writing; well, writing is work but fun work. I've spent decades on the memoir that's now under contract, to be published soon. Do come over to my blog and meet me too.

  13. Hi Suzie,
    I too started my blog last mont. We're both newbies! I read your favorite books selection and decided you were my kinda gal. I'm following!

    P.S. I'm over from Karen G's BBQ.

  14. Here from Donna Hosie, whom I just met. So many virtual BBQs, so little time. Nice to meet a fellow writer.

  15. Followed your Blog from Donna's too :)

  16. Hi Suzie,
    I'm over here after attending the BBQ.

    Nice to *meet* you!


  17. Hi--I'm over from the BBQ--nice to meet/follow you! :)

  18. Yummers! Chocolate--food of the gods!


  19. Oh I love your poem! I can't rhyme to save myself ;p I'm popping over from Karen's BBQ, nice to meet you!

  20. What an absolutely fabulous poem! Love the choc as well. I hopped over from Musings of a Penniless Writer and I'm glad I did.
    I'm also a penniless writer, fairly new to blogging at
    Thanks for the wonderous welcome
    Madeleine x

  21. Stopped over from Karen G's BBQ! YUM chocolate fountain!!! Happy weekend!

  22. Claudia - Thanks for coming over from Donna's. I'll be sure to visit you up North!

    Ann - Isn't it wonderful that we can meet writers of all ages through the internet? This coming from a girl who lugged a typewriter to college! Welcome and ongrats on your memoir!

    Shellie - From one newbie to another, Hello and welcome! I'll be sure to visit your blog.

  23. Fragrant Liar - Thanks for stopping by! It's always great meeting other writers.

    JaneMarple - I love that you, one of my original HP buddies, came over to visit. Hope you'll come by again.

    Amy - Nice to meet you too! Blog BBQs are the best. Lots of good food and great people!

    Laura - Hi! Glad you found your way here. Nice to meet you, too!

  24. The Weavers - Chocolate, the most perfect creation on the planet! Your welcome!

    Nicole - Glad you liked the poem. I'll be sure to stop your blog.

    Madeleine - I'm a member of the penniless writer's club too! Good luck with your blog and your writing.

    Candyland - Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the chocolate and the weekend!

  25. Hi,

    Thanks for the chocolate. Have just finally staggered over from Karen's BBQ! Thanks for the follow. Am now following you too ...

  26. Popped over from Donna's to say Hi and welcome to blog land.

    Shoes and chocolate, two of my favorite things. I think we will get along like a house on fire.

  27. You had me at chocolate! What a great open house! I came over from Donna's party as well.

    Welcome to the blogosphere! Feel free to stop by and say hello...I'm a fellow aspiring writer of Young Adult Fiction!