Friday, September 10, 2010

My Muse is Not From Xanadu

Does anyone remember the movie Xanadu starring Olivia Newton-John?(I'm definitely showing my age here). Kira (Olivia) was a muse who was sent to inspire a struggling artist. I loved this movie and played the album over and over again. Take a trip down memory lane with me. Or if you're too young, here's why 80s fashion can NOT make a come back any time soon.

Okay, confession time. For a while I wanted to BE Olivia Newton-John. I longed for a muse to come and touch my voice so that I could sing like Olivia. Yeah, that didn't happen. I'm a brunette and couldn't touch the final high note of Xanadu with a ten foot pole. So then I wanted to be Pat Benatar. But that's another story.

My muse is not from Xanadu. My muse lives at the library.

She flits among the book shelves and flies up to the high ceilings. When I walk through the entrance she senses my presence and beckons me to my favorite room upstairs. She waits patiently while I empty my tote bag. I begin my ritual of spreading out and setting up my notebooks, pencil, cell phone (on vibrate), and post-its at my table. Before she sprinkles her magic, she waits for a treat. She knows I have a sweet tooth. We've been known to share Hershey nuggets, Eclipse mints, and Sour Patch Kids. Then she goes to work.

The library is where I always work best. There are no distractions (except for trying not to crinkle my candy wrappers too loudly) at the library. The writing flows so freely there. It's amazing how focused I become. I can often reach between 500 - 800 words an hour thanks to my little muse. I'm thinking of leaving a trail of candy on the way home to see if she'll follow me.


  1. I loved Xanadu (and am both proud and ashamed to admit that I could probably sing along to all the songs). What we need is a sequel -- let's hear about the other muses!

  2. LOL! Yes! But let's ditch the roller skates.

  3. Olivia to Pat Benatar? And I that I was a walking oxymoron!
    I find that books disract me from writing, so the library doesn't work for me. Maybe if I left my library card at home...


  4. Heh, yes I remember that. Electric Light Orchestra too!

    I like the sound of your muse. Mine is a bit flighty. I suspect he's moonlighting with someone else sometimes ...

  5. Nice. I like your muse, though. The library's also one of my favorite places.

  6. Suzie, I am so impressed that you write in notebooks. I am lost without my laptop!! Good for you! You are not a slave to a power supply. :)


  7. The shoulder pads, the hair, the skate rink - good times. ;) I used to sing Olivia Newton John's songs at the top of my lungs.

  8. You're right, Cinette. I guess I just appreciated their individual talent. And I so wanted to be able to sing! I solve the book distraction problem by bringing my kids on book browsing days and go alone when I intend to write.

    Simon - a moonlighting muse, eh? Does he like Sour Patch kids?

  9. Weaving - I love my library!

    Amy - Unfortunately I don't own a laptop (yet!) so it's share and get used to interruptions or write in a notebook. I've found that the words seem to flow when I write in longhand. Then when I transfer it to the PC, I edit as I go, often adding more to what I previously wrote.

  10. MT - Shoulder pads! *shudder*
    Remember dayglow and parachute pants? I loved my granny boots!