Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Christmas Tree Story

Take a look at your Christmas tree if you have one. Does it tell a story?

One of my favorite things about Christmas is our Christmas tree. I love when we pull the boxes out of the attic and unwrap each ornament. Around 12 years ago we lost about 75% of our ornaments when our basement got wet (before we had an attic). Over the years my collection grew along with my family. Now I wrap each ornament individually in tissue paper and store them in plastic bins.

What I love about our tree is that it tells a story about our family. Sure there are the glass balls and random pretty ornaments that I’ve picked out over the years. But mingling among those are the sentimental favorites such as Elmo, the Holy Family, and of course, the kids' homemade ornaments. They make me smile when we unwrap them and find just the right spot on the tree.

Here are a few that tell part of my story.

My husband and I bought this ornament on our honeymoon when we went to Hawaii - our first ornament. Year after year we'd forget to put it on the tree because it was stored away with our Hawaii souvenirs. It became an annual joke. When most of my ornaments were ruined by the water, I was relieved that this one wasn't among the others. It was safely packed in its original plastic bag in a plastic box. I think of that every year when I put it on the tree.

These 2 were hung on my husband's family Christmas trees when he was a boy. I was ecstatic when my mother-in-law passed them on to us. The blue silk wrapped ball reminded me of the same ones on my childhood Christmas trees.

My son made this one in elementary school. Go Sox!

I found Harry (shown), Ron, and Hermione one year in a discount store and scooped them up. Our family had just discovered Harry Potter not long before and we couldn't wait to hang them on our tree. They are still our favorites.

Another homemade ornament made by my oldest daughter when she was young.

One of my teaching friends loved Mary Engelbreit illustrations. She gave me this teapot ornament one Christmas. She has since passed away. I think of her kindness and the tremendous support she gave me every time I unwrap this one.

Another favorite given by my favorite snake :)
Do your ornaments tell a story? Which one is your favorite?
I wish a very Merry Christmas to all of you!


  1. My tree has no less than 10 HP related ornaments on it. I love them all.

    My favorite ornament is also one Hubby and I got on our honeymoon! I have a lot of ornaments from my childhood, and he has a lot from his, so it was nice to get this one as the first joint ornament. It's the Mickey Mouse ornament in the picture here

  2. What a wonderful post, Suzi! You make me feel like a real slacker loser--and that's not a bad thing, I think. Last year all my grandchildren moved away and changed the nature of our holidays. Where I used to pull out all the carefully wrapped, homemade decorations I've left them in the boxes in the name of simplification. I think my 2011 resolution will be to pull out those old decorations and take a trip down memorylane.

    Thanks for reminding me.

    Merry Christmas.

  3. Love your tree decorations. HAPPY CHRISTMAS :O)

  4. My hubby always tries to throw out the homemade ornaments!!! Sure, they can be tacky, but they are so sentimental! It's like this tug of war every year of him slipping things into the trash when we put the decorations up, me finding them and putting them back up, and then going through the same charade when we put the deocrations away.

  5. Hi Suzie,
    Oh, I love the story of your tree ornaments ;)
    Unfortunately this year we had no tree :( sniff, sniff. I do love putting up the Christmas tree like the good old days. It's fun and it's a family tradtion. The tree brings us together.
    Thank you for sharing your story.
    Happy New Year!

  6. They sure do! I love our tree for that reason. We take ages decorating the tree because just about every ornament has a story to relate. This year's additions are: a miniature orange Eiffel Tower, to commemorate a trip to Paris, and a Viking ship carved into a slice of tree branch, sent by my mother and bought at a Sons of Norway dinner.
    I'm enjoying your blog, Pleshette--good luck with those chapters! Kneazly

  7. Thanks Kneazly! I'm so glad you stopped by :)