Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Okay. Admit it.

Who's raided the Halloween candy yet?

Go ahead. Raise your hand. You're among friends.

We know you really didn't want to do it (or maybe you did!), but in a moment of weakness, you tiptoed over to the place where you hide it from your kids, rationalized it by picking the "least likely candy" that kids will like (but conveniently it happens to be your favorite), made a small tear in the bag so no one will notice, and took one, maybe two pieces out to satisfy that craving. Before you know it, you have to head to the store before Sunday for an extra bag. How do I know so much about this? Um, no reason.

What's this have to do with writing? Give me a minute; I'll think of a connection.

How about... We know you really didn't want to waste your precious writing time surfing the web, but during a plot snag, you rationalized it by clicking "just one or two" writer blogs to keep up with the current posts. Before you know it the dryer buzzes, the kids need help with homework, you need to start supper, (fill in the blank). How do I know so much about this? Eh, again, no reason. No sir-ee.

What "least likely candy" are you planning on stocking your Halloween bowl with this weekend? (i.e., what's your favorite?)


  1. I bought a bag of candy just for myself to eat before Halloween!!! I figure I'm pregnant so it's ok.

    I'm lucky because my favorites (Reeses PB cups & Almond Joys) contain nuts, and hubby is allergic! More for me!!!!

  2. I bought 2 bags for myself (NOT pregnant, btw) I'm a Mounds girl. "Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't" :P I bought 2 bags and won't put them in the bowl unless we're getting low.

  3. Anything chocolate and without coconut! When chocolate calls my name I become deranged!

  4. I not only raided it, I ate it all (my kids helped a little bit). We *had* Three Muskateers, Kit Kats, and Crunch bars -- all minis. But they're gone now.

    I don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow night!