Saturday, October 2, 2010

NaNoWriMo 2010

It's that time again! Time to prep for National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo.
Just curious...when you're telling someone you're participating in NaNoWri Mo using vocal words, as opposed to typing to your bloggy friends, do you you pronounce the Wri with a long i, like write (which would make sense, right?) or like me with a long e, like reeeemo? I feel like I'm always saying it wrong but feel weird calling it riiiimo - but I digress, like usual.

So, this is my second official time. I signed up in 2008 under a different user name and started my second novel, Wilhelmina's Wishes. I reached the halfway point - about 25,000 words - the most words I had ever written during that time span. Last year I did an unofficial nano because I knew I wouldn't come close. I used the month to motivate myself while working on another project.

This year I have a new, shiny idea for a novel that I'm excited to get started on. To avoid long periods of staring blankly at my computer, I like to prep before November 1. I've already decided on my MC's first name and have a general idea in which direction I'd like the story to go. Tomorrow I hope to take my notes from the brainstorming session and form a rough outline. If I think there may be some early research, I'll set up some links to refer to and/or take out library books for motivation.

Anyone else participating? Do you want a friend (am I pathetic or what)? Feel free to friend me once you sign up. I'm Suzie F. over there as well.


  1. I've never done it before. How does it work? Do you type stuff directlr onto their website? What happens to the finished piece? Can others read what you've written as you go along? I guess i'd better check out the website for those answers. Good luck :O)

  2. I'm going to sign up. I did it unofficially last year, too. In January instead of November. =D

    Guess I'd better mosey on over there and sign up as well.

  3. I participate unofficially each year. I don't sign up or post excerpts of my work. but I use the idea to my own evil purposes bwa ha ha.

  4. Like Karan, I just try to see how far I can get with the story inside the space of a month. A couple of people in the ABNA competition entered their NaNo novel and got as far as semifinalists. They wrote it in November, edited it in December, and entered it into the contest in January. Really impressive. Especially since it takes me about a year to finish a story. I have a story half way done and hope it will be complete by the end of November.