Monday, October 11, 2010

Catch Up Day

Today in the States it's Columbus Day, a long weekend for some folks. The kids are off from school and I'm lucky enough to have the day off. I've been spending yesterday and today catching up with my neglected house; chasing away overgrown dust bunnies, changing sheets, cleaning the shower, switching the bureaus from summer to winter clothes.

I'd also like to give a long overdue thank you to Shellie from Chapter Writer for these blog awards.

I'm not sure what I've done to deserve these, but I appreciate your thoughtfulness. It's been great meeting new readers and writers over the last couple of months and I hope I'll be able to offer posts that are both fun and informative (but mostly fun) in the future.

So part of receiving these awards is to post 7 random things about myself.

1. I still have an original baby tooth - my top left incisor.
2. And going along with the tooth theme, I have a wicked sweet tooth. Naturally, I love chocolate, but I also love Sour Patch Kids, cake, pastry, pie, cookies. The bad stuff, I know. I'm trying to cut back but oh, do I love the s word.
3. I'm a firm believer that many problems can be solved over a cup of tea.
4. My home away from home is my library.
5. I lost three years of my life to Harry Potter (and made some fabulous friends in the process - you know who you are :)
6. I love rollercoasters!
7. My favorite color is midnight blue, straight from the Crayola crayon box.

And now to pass these lovelies along. - If you haven't visited Casey's blog, you don't know what you've been missing. She works incredibly hard to spotlight and interview literary agents in children's publishing. Not to mention she's a genuinely nice person. - I recently met Amy through KarenG's Labor Day weekend blogparty. I love her blog and find it helpful and inspirational. She has such a beautiful family! And isn't The Green Bathtub such a cool name?

Why not go on click above and visit Shellie, Casey, and Amy? I think you'll enjoy their blogs as much as I do.


  1. Oh, Suzie, thank you! I'm so surprised and delighted!! :)

    I have a horrible sweet tooth, too. I feel your pain. I just finished eating whoopie pies. Uggh, so good. Now I'm eating an apple to make up for it.


  2. YAY for awards, Suzie. Totally deserved.

  3. I love that you lost three years of you like to HP. Makes me want details though. How so?!?

    Thank you so much for the awards, Suzie!

  4. Your welcome, Casey, and thanks for stopping by! This is the short version of my Harry Potter experience.

    I read and fell in love w/ HP. After the 5th book was released, I found a HP site and over time joined the Reading Group staff. It renewed my love of reading and writing, and I made some dear friends in the process. Definitely a magical time!