Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vacation Brain

Fingers? This is a keyboard.
Okay, left hand. Fingers on asdf. Right hand? Fingers on jkl;
Brain? Send your message down to the fingers and they'll type.
Got it?

Well, now. That didn't go so well.

Let me try again.

I returned from vacation yesterday. Physically, I'm back. I managed to unpack, sort three garbage bags full of dirty laundry, and get three loads done. I even made a Cosco run (no tequitos in the house? how will we survive?). But my brain is still lost among the sand dunes of the Cape.

While I was away, I took a true vacation from my plugged in world. For me this meant no internet, no cell phone, and very little television for 5 1/2 days (though I did watch the the evening news and my kids discovered Cash Cab 2 days before we left). Coincidentally, one night a newscaster asked, "Are you addicted to the internet and could you live without it?" I chuckled and boasted, "Of course I could. After all, I grew up without it, computers meant nothing to me in high school, and I tapped all of my college papers on an electric typewriter." And though giving up the internet wasn't a problem while I was away, I wouldn't want to live without it. I've met so many cool people and have learned so much about the publishing world and what it takes to achieve my own dream of publication some day. In fact, I doubt that I would have ever pursued that dream if it wasn't for the internet.

Now that I'm back, I feel refreshed and ready to write. Even though I took my notebooks with me, I didn't write a blessed word while I was away. Today I read through some of the blog posts I missed and I'll try to comment on some of the more recent ones. However, what I really need to do is get back to my ms. I think I've pushed my brain hard enough today with this post so I'll be giving her the rest of the night off. Starting tomorrow and through next week I'm dedicating as much time as I can spare to writing.

Hear that brain? Vacation's over.
Back to work tomorrow.

Have you given your brain a vacation this summer? Or have you been working hard?


  1. I'm glad you had fun on your vacation. My break from writing is almost done, and my fingers are getting anxious. A month away is a long time.

  2. Breaks are wonderful, but it's not long before the itch to write needs to be scratched. Hope you found your break renewing!

  3. Getting back into the groove after vacation is always SO HARD!

  4. I have vacation brain most everyday.

  5. @Tamara - I know what you mean!

    @Chris - Haha! I think as writers we take mini vacations every time we write. Thanks for stopping by.