Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beautiful Words

Do you have a favorite word? One that you are drawn to every time you read it?

Last Friday, Jason Boog from Galleycat asked, What’s the Most Beautiful Word in the World? It’s a fun topic to talk about with friends and family. We all have favorites – certain words that evoke an image or an emotional response, a particular association with a word, or just the beautiful combination of consonants, vowels, and syllables.

The first word I remember making a note of was the word waft. It’s simple, but beautiful at the same time. I love the image of something drifting lightly through the air.

The scent of spiced apples and cinnamon wafted up the staircase and through the open door. Rachel’s scowl melted like the sugared fruit baking downstairs in the oven. She could always be mad at mom later.

The word felicity made the list. I’m particularly fond of this one. Not only do I love the sound of the word, but it's the name of my MC. I wanted a beautiful name for this girl who is trying to find her place in a new family situation, a new neighborhood, a new school, with new friends and classmates. She struggles with how she sees herself and how she wants others to see her.

Other words I find beautiful:


What are the most beautiful words to you? Is there a particular reason why?


  1. Hmmm ... I've never thought about words being beautiful. I'll have to contemplate this.

  2. In no particular order:


    Do you see a theme here?!

  3. LOL! How could I forget truffle? Love how that sounds (and tastes) on my tongue.

  4. These are some of my favorites! I also like breath, wonder, ponder, and stuff like that. Gentle verbs are the best.

  5. I agree, Matt. Ponder is one of my favorites, too.

  6. Ha ha ha! Donna's answer made me laugh! :) English is filled with beautiful words ... delight, doldrums, divine ... I'm into D-words right now, probably because Donna made me laugh and her name starts with D.

    I remember my aunt telling me the word she hated most in the world was fondled. I kind of hate it, too. I must have been at an impressionable age when she told me that.