Friday, July 8, 2011

Good Vibrations!

Lots of Beach Boys songs make me smile, and they remind me of carefree days in the summer. One of my favorites is Good Vibrations. I love the feel good beat of the chorus, the harmonizing, and how the song just kind of shifts by slowing down in the middle, until the "AHHHHHHHHH" moment when it picks up again. Like most of their songs once I hear it, it's in my head for the entire day.

Maybe it's the summer, maybe it's the Beach Boys, maybe it's something else, but there seem to be a lot of good vibrations rippling through both my own life and through the writing world. I've been on a roll lately working on my current WiP. I've added 4 new chapters, writing my way through a spot that's been giving me trouble. Soon I'll reach a part of the story that I've been waiting to write. Why? Because it's going to be a blast and my head is bursting with ideas. Then it's writing down to the end - a first for me.

There have also been a lot of good vibrations rippling through the writing community as well.

Josin McQuein - You may have read Josin's comments on other blogs. She has a great eye for what works and what doesn't in a query, a first page, etc. She blew away the Shark herself, Janet Reid, with her near flawless query here. If you've read any of her excerpts online, either on other blogs or her own, she has talent. You can read first pages from three projects she's working on by clicking the tabs at the top of her blog. Be warned: You'll wish you could read the next page and so on. I wasn't surprised when she announced not long after querying that she was offered represented by Suzie Townsend from Fine Print Literary Management. Josin has a great career ahead of her and I personally can't wait to read her first book, whenever that may be.

Natalie Whipple - We all knew her day would come and yesterday she announced that she sold TRANSPARENT in a 2 book deal by Harper Teen. Natalie's blog is an honest account of her long, and often difficult journey to publication. Her positive outlook, even during the times she struggled with doubt, and her encouraging advice to writers are what bring me to her blog daily. Congratulations, Natalie!


  1. You're right, suzie. I'm feeling those good vibrations too. Feels like the dawning of Aquarius for writers.

  2. Awesome! So nice to hear these success stories!! :)