Saturday, November 3, 2012

Writing Through the Weekend

Short post alert. It's NaNoWriMo, people!

For me, weekends are a great way to catch up on my NaNoWri Mo writing if I couldn't achieve my daily goal during the week, or to get ahead knowing full well the craziness that awaits during the coming week.

Here are few tips that I'll try to follow on November weekends:

1. Set the alarm (groan) and get up early. Modified version: Only hit the snooze once. Okay, twice but that's it!

2. Let everyone know that they're only allowed to wear pajamas all weekend to cut back on laundry loads.

3. Stock up on chocolate or whatever gets you through. "Whatever gets me through" last night was one glass of wine which led to two which led to me following asleep at the keyboard. Better stick to the chocolate.

4. Use a chair cushion (no explanation needed)

5. Let everyone know I'M WRITING - "What do you mean you need a ride to soccer?"

6. NO TV - Modified version: only watch half of the Notre Dame football game. Okay, keep office door open and run in when I hear the ND fight song after a touchdown/field goal.

Do you have any special NaNoWriMo strategies for weekend writing? Please share and then get back to writing.


  1. Setting the alarm on the weekend??? That's serious stuff - but I love the pyjama tip, I'll use that one :-)

  2. I'm not na-no-ing, just working on my book. But I came by from Annalisa's to wish you good luck.

  3. Good luck, Suzie. My target is a chapter every 2 days. Managing far.

  4. Haha, I love this! Chocolate always helps, as does locking myself in my room. :)

  5. Hope your NaNo's moving along. Chocolate (as stimulant) does sound more effective than the wine. lol

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