Monday, March 5, 2012

Mourning A Piece of My Childhood

Last week was long and exhausting: work, anxiety over college forms, and tackling projects around the house. But I was able to work through it with patience, diligence, perseverance, and even a few tears.

What I didn't expect to deal with last week was mourning the death of one of my first crushes...Davy Jones.

Over the past few days I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos of Davy which has brought back many memories of my adolescence. I  loved watching reruns of the Monkees during the 70s. Although the band was created for the television show, something I didn't know at the time, I instantly fell for the shorter Monkee with the dark, bowl cut hair, cute dimples, and British accent. Oh, that accent! I don't remember how old I was exactly when I discovered the Monkees, somewhere in the 10 to 12 range. I loved their zany antics and catchy songs. But the only one who set my heart a flutter was Davy.

What I'm going to write next will undoubtedly sound goofy to some, (though I suspect not to my female readers) but remember my age at the time.  Forget the boy (another Dave) in my 4th grade class who shot 'i love you' notes across the room with elastics to get my attention. He even had a similar hairstyle - bowl cut around the ears (it was the 70s, folks). Wasn't interested. Most of the boys I knew either acted weird, ignored me, or teased me. Alex liked to point out that I walked funny. Richie thought it was funny to ask me, "Why don't you ever talk? And what's on your forehead? (pimples)"

Watching Davy on that silly TV show stirred something inside me. Around this time I started taking tenative steps away from childhood and toward young adulthood, experiencing feelings that were both confusing and exciting at the same time. I began to think, Hey, maybe boys aren't that bad after all. Maybe kissing a boy wouldn't be that bad (if he looked like Davy). Maybe the Monkees will come to my town someday, like they sing in the opening song, and I'll get to meet him! Yes, I was a bit of a daydream believer.

Leif couldn't do it.
Donny didn't do it.
Shawn? Uh uh.

But Davy? He could and did.
Davy was cute, fun, had a smile that lit up the room, could sing, and did I  mention his accent?

Rest in peace, dear Davy. Thanks for the sweet memories.

Tell me about your first adolescent crush.


  1. Oh man. Davy seemed like such a wonderful guy. He will surely be missed.

    1. He really did seem like a decent person. Mickey Dolenz was interviewed by Piers Morgan last week and had nothing but good things to share about his friend.

  2. Davy was right up there with David Cassidy for me. Andy Gibb was another swooner.

    Day Dream Believer was one of my favorites. Saying goodbye to a part of your childhood is never easy. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. I loved The Monkees. Peter was always my favourite but Davy was so sweet - and a Manchester lad as well.

    Just very sad.

    1. I loved Peter too. But the Manchester boy stole my heart.

  4. Aw! I loved The Monkees too! I spend way too much time watching their show. I was so sad to hear of his passing.

  5. I'm from Mexico so you don't know the guys that made me daydream, but we all went through that. And what a lovely phase that was. Lovely post!

    From Diary of a Writer in Progress

  6. I loved the Monkeys too, Davy especially. I was too little to understand the bad wasn't real. Loved your post - I definitely got it.

    My childhood crush was Andy Gibb.