Saturday, February 11, 2012

Reading, Writing, and Basketball (a.k.a. a perfect Saturday)

I can often tell when waking whether it’s going to be a good day, a stressful day, or simply ordinary. This morning I woke to the alarm; my husband had to work. Drifting in and out sleep while he got ready, I had a somewhat strange dream which made for a restless slumber...not to mention, I needed to use the bathroom. The dream lingered while I left my warm bed at 6:40AM, took care of business, and went downstairs. At first the dream threatened to disrupt the promise of a relaxing Saturday. However, the uneasiness soon dissolved as I bid goodbye to my husband, resolved to stay up. After all, I had some quiet time alone with a cup a coffee before the kids woke - a simple, rare pleasure.

This morning I took my coffee to my room where I read in bed for about an hour. Last night I started reading Erin Morgenstern’s, The Night Circus, a departure from what I usually read. As many of you may already know, this is an adult novel which involves magic and an intriguing cast of characters. I love everything about it so far, which makes reading more pleasurable, for sure, but hard to put down. I love when a book begs to be read and has my mind wandering back to it while I’m occupied with something else. My youngest eventually joined me, watching Pokemon while I read, then we went downstairs.

Reluctantly, I put my book aside so I could take advantage of my free morning and write. Granted, I only worked on blog posts – this one, my Origins post, and another for Valentine’s Day – but I’m writing. And the best part, it doesn’t feel like work. A good sign for this struggling writer.

Though I would have liked nothing more than to read and write my Saturday away, my youngest had a basketball game early this afternoon. We traveled with friends, as the game was a couple towns over, enjoying their company. The team is a mix of one first grader, and several 2nd and 3rd graders. We had about 10-12 players today. My daughter definitely has a competitive streak and loves to play. Today she scored her first 2 baskets in a game. Very exciting! The kids played their hearts out and it was so fun to watch.

The rest of my Saturday has involved alternating between reading, dozing, and writing. 

How did you spend your Saturday? Has anyone else read The Night Circus?


  1. What a great way to spend a day. Because I normally work on Sundays, Saturdays are for shopping and other chores. Yesterday I was ill, so bed and 'Pride & Prejudice' - the BBC version - for me.

    1. Saturdays are usually full for me too. This was a rare treat. Sorry you weren't feeling well, but spending the day with Mr. Darcy couldn't be all that bad ;)

  2. I'm reading that right now, too! It's so good. :)