Saturday, December 17, 2011

This Couldn't Wait Until Monday

Are you a Laini Taylor fan? Are you sick of reading about my adoration of her writing? I realize that 5 of the last 11 of my posts have included something related to Laini but this is news I couldn't keep under my hat (if I actually wore hats).

Laini's recently released Young Adult novel, Daughter of Smoke and Bone has been optioned by Universal Pictures!

It's going to be a real live film! (squee!)

 Read all about it here on Laini's blog. If you're discovering Laini Taylor for the first time, here's an incentive to check out her incredible writing.

Also, a shout out to my friend Donna Weaver at Weaving a Tale or Two. She had her query critiqued at the QQQE by Matthew MacNish yesterday. I'm sure Donna would appreciate a visit and support for the query that she's polishing up.

And finally, something I heard on the radio last week. I'm a fan of Michael Smerconish's talk radio program and Wednesday he featured a member of the American Dialect Society. Every year since 1990 at their annual meeting in Portland, Oregan, they've chosen a "Word of the Year," a significant word that has been either introduced or has been important to (mainly) North American culture. Being a word lover, I'm curious as to what it will be this year.

Last year's word was App.
In 2009, the word of the year was "tweet."
Before that in 2008, "bailout."

As for 2011, I'm thinking maybe "occupy." Ideas, anyone?

And I know it's early, but who should play the part of Karou?


  1. I hope they actually make the movie. It's sad when the filmmakers buy an option and then just sit on it. Grrrr

    Thanks for the shout out. I've been reworking the query because all the input has really given me an epiphany, and I'm wondering if it works. *hint hint*

    I hadn't heard about the word of the year.

  2. I follow Donna and saw Matthew's critique of her query!

  3. Donna, I hope so too. Have you read "Daughter..." yet? I think you'd really like it. And I did read through Matt's critique and the other's suggestions. Congrats on the positive feedback. Sorry I couldn't comment that day. It had been one of those weeks. I'll catch up with you via email.

  4. Alex, we travel in many of the same blogging circles :)

  5. This book has been on my list for a good while now. I have to get my hands on it before a film comes out :-)

  6. Ha ha, occupy. Oh man, that would be sad ... but true.

    Good for Laini Taylor! That's wonderful!