Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Here in New England, we’re getting 18 inches of snow dumped on us right now, which means...


Of course, that means no school for the kids too, so I don’t have the house to myself *pout* but still...


I can stay in my p.j.s til noon, drinking coffee, watching news reporters outside in the blowing snow repeatedly describing how treacherous it is outside while I sit wrapped in a blanket on my couch!!!


I could take some pretty pics of the snow to share with you on my blog, put the rest of my Christmas decorations away (please don’t remind me we’re in double digit days in January; I’m a little behind), and work on my WiP.

Guess what I chose to do?

What would you choose to do on an unexpected day off?


  1. It is insane out there!!!! I knew there was going to be a lot, but didn't expect this much! Poor hubby is stuck driving around in the snow. It took him an hour and a half to get to work, which is usually only 20 minutes away. Hoping you guys have a safe snow day!!

  2. We're experiencing a lull right now, but when I went out to shovel at 11:00 we had 13 inches. And it's the heavy stuff! Luckily, my awesome neighbor came by with his snowblower to finish my driveway. Stay warm and safe, Kimmy!

  3. OMG, it is a winter wonderland. So pretty.

    Stay safe.

  4. It's soooo pretty! Thanks for sharing and stay warm!

    PS-if I had an unexpected day off, it would be similar to yours! Lots of coffee and PJ's!

  5. Gorgeous pics, Suzie! We had a really bad snow in late January (very wet, heavy snow) and then a hard freeze. I'm still driving out into the street that is a 2" sheet of ice. Today was the first day it's gotten as high as the freezing mark.

    An unexpected day off? I'd write. Hope you enjoyed your day.

  6. Donna H. - It's beautiful, especially against a pale, blue sky.

    Kristi - I did a little of both: hanging out in p.j.s and then lots of shoveling (and a bit of writing)

  7. Donna W. - We have a second day off!! Today is all about the writing. Take it easy on those icy streets.

  8. I would write and visit blogs, drink too much tea, bake something I shouldn't eat, and have fun with the kids!