Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Peek Inside the Mind of a Paranoid Writer

A peek inside the paranoid brain of a wanna be published writer: Yeah there are 3 voices inside my head. How many are in yours?

BigMouthPessimist = BMP
EverCheerfulOptimist = ECO
Me = Me

Me: Crap! What was I thinking? What have I done?
The BMP: You made a total fool out of yourself, that’s what you've done.
ECO: Now, don’t you go listening to him.
The BMP: She’d be able to salvage an ounce of dignity if she did.
ECO: Your piece was tight, light and just right! Rah! Rah!! Rah!!!
The BNP: Not unlike your cheerleader get up.
ECO: *waves pompoms*
Me: Maybe I should have waited until next year.
ECO: Well, honey, you’re not exactly getting younger you know. There’s no time like the present.
The BMP: *snickers* Ain’t that the truth. Hey, your stripe is showing! Made you look!
Me: Ugh. I feel ill.
The BMP: Is it because anyone in the entire world can click on Nathan’s contest, read your entry and judge it for the drivel that it is?
Me: I know! *buries head in hands*
ECO: Think of it as putting your heart and soul on stage for the whole world to enjoy. A symphony of words like they’ve never read before!
Me: Is that supposed to make me feel better?
The BMP: Did you hear that? It was the whole world snoring.
Me: Was it that bad?
The BMP: *whispers* delete, delete, delete
ECO: Don’t listen to that windbag. How would he know the mind of a teenage girl?
Me: I do like this WiP.
ECO: As you should! You’ve worked hard. You deserve a chance like everyone else.
The BMP: It stinks.
ECO: This coming from someone who needs a shower and a shave.
The BMP: Kiss my butt.
Me: Whatever happens I’m glad I entered. I’ll never know unless I try, right?
ECO: That's the spirit! I feel a cheer coming on...
Me and ECO: When you know you’ve done your best, keep your chin up, you’ll pass the test!
The BMP: I’m outta here.
ECO: I knew we could chase His Royal Crankypants out of here.
Me: Who needs him, right?
ECO: Your paragraph will rock Nathan’s socks off!
Me: Ugh. What have I done!
ECO: All you need is a piece of chocolate cake and a cup of tea, hun.

Yes, it’s true. In a moment of giddy weakness, I submitted my paragraph. It’s #915 (January 25, 6:23 pm).


  1. There are more voices in my head than I care to admit!

  2. Heh! A prerequisite if you want to be a writer.

  3. This was great...and it sounds familiar. :)

    I'm so glad you submitted! Good Luck! I'm crossing my fingers for you and now over to read it.

  4. Hmmm ... I agree with Kimberly. This sound familiar. A little too familiar. =D