Monday, February 9, 2015

Random Thoughts on a Snow Day

1. The only reason I can write this blog post today is because schools are closed AGAIN! Snow day #7 for me. As I look out my window we're in the  midst of being hit with snowstorm #3. By the end we will have reached about 5 feet total snow. We're running out room for this cold, white stuff!

2.  Even though it's easy to grumble about the negatives of the snow: no street parking, narrow streets, trying to navigate around snow towers at the end of the street, etc. there have been two shining positives. Because my husband's jobs require him to be gone for long stretches of work which includes shoveling, I clean our driveway and sidewalk in front of the house. My awesome neighbor never fails to help me with his snowblower when he's out. Those of you in snowy parts of the country know what I mean when you dread seeing a plow drive down your side of the street. Usually it means an extra pile of snow chunks and ice dumped at the end of your perfectly shoveled driveway leading to more back breaking lifting. There is an awesome driver in my neighborhood who drives a huge front loader with a plow on the front. When he sees me out there, he lifts his massive shovel over my driveway and drags the snow out  for me and purposely avoids dumping more snow at the end. So if you see a crazy woman chasing a plow with a bottle of water and screaming, "Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!" it's probably me.

3. Still reeling from the Harper Lee news last week.

4. Not going to rant about the Grammys, not going to rant about the Grammys, NOT going to rant about the Grammys. I'll just say that the real queen of 80s (and beyond) music, and the absolute highlight of the night...Ms. Annie Lennox. She certainly put a spell on me!

Any random thoughts today?