Sunday, November 17, 2013

Literary Conversations

Another Sunday afternoon and ABC family is playing Harry Potter and Sorcerer's Stone. I walked into the den where my youngest daughter was watching the Halloween feast in the Great Hall. We both drooled over the table laden with festive treats aplenty. She sighed and asked, "Why didn't you send me to Hogwarts?" To which I replied, "You're only 9. You have to be 11 to attend Hogwarts." Seriously, who doesn't want to go to Hogwarts? I've got two years to figure out how to send her there.

Another daughter was immersed in The Final Descent, Rick Yancey's fourth and final book in his Monstrumology series. She looked up when I entered the room, her eyes rimmed red. "[Name of one of our favorite characters]," she said sadly. "I know," I sympathized. She had just read about his death. Later, she came down still looking a bit sad. "Did you finish?" I asked. "Yes, but I'm sad because it's over." "Me too," I said. "I wish he could have written more." Then, "I'm going to text M [her friend who also loves the series but hasn't started Book 4 yet] to tell her I finished."

Then we watched this together.

We both declared, "It looks good!" and had a discussion about how we hope the book translates well to screen. We're keeping our fingers crossed.


  1. What a lovely exchange. I love when we connect with each other with shared reading experiences.

  2. Me too. And I love that some of our favorites are making it to the big screen: Catching Fire, Divergent, The Book Thief, The Fault in Our Stars to name a few.