Friday, May 3, 2013

Cover Reveal: The Spirit of Nimue

First, there was Searching for Arthur.

Followed by The Fire of Merlin.

May I introduce Book 3 in my dear friend, Donna Hosie's, young adult urban fantasy series, The Spirit of Nimue.

THE RETURN TO CAMELOT trilogy concludes in... 

Natasha Roth and her older brother, Arthur, have removed the magical darkness that had fallen over the land of Logres.

But all actions have consequences.

Nimue, the Lady of the Lake, is now a sworn enemy. Natasha realises that the only way the land of Logres will truly be at peace is if the sorceress is removed forever. So with her beloved Sir Bedivere, the feisty Guinevere, and a trusty brethren of knights, Natasha plots to free Logres from the malevolence of Nimue once and for all.

Yet Arthur also has problems. Now a father to Mila, he starts to witness a terrifying change over his girlfriend, Samantha, as she struggles to contain the awakened powers of Morgana.

With dark magic coming at them from all sides, Natasha and Arthur decide to make use of the Falls of Merlin: a mystical landscape of waterfalls that connects 21st century England with the mystical world they fell into. A place that does not exist in the future.

And by the end, they will know why.

As Natasha finally discovers the truth about her past link to Logres a tragedy will strike at her very heart. Can Arthur get his young family back to the 21st century and still continue to be the king that Logres demands he be? What is the secret that Sir Gareth has been hiding all this time? 

And who is the true owner of Excalibur?

THE SPIRIT OF NIMUE will be released on Amazon on May 31, 2013. It is the final book in THE RETURN TO CAMELOT trilogy. 

*happy dancing*

You can find more info about Donna and her fabulous trilogy at her blog, Musings of A Penniless Writer.