Friday, May 20, 2011

Good News!

I love sharing good news, but first I’m going to be totally lame today and point you to another post.

After meeting with some of the big names in publishing, agent/author Mandy Hubbard, generously shared some valuable information on her blog in her post, The Epic Post on Trends (YA & MG). For kidlit writers who have high hopes of being published this info is invaluable. I suppose if the genre you write in isn’t included on a publisher’s wish list, then it would be simply “eh” news. Not necessarily bad, but not good if you just typed the final period on your epic high fantasy novel about an alien merboy and the girl who loves him. Personally, I don’t believe in writing to trends, but when my ms seems close to hitting one of the desired targets I can’t help feeling encouraged.

On to the Good News:

Ms. Hubbard's post was relevant to me because MG may well be the new YA and I’ve been plugging away at an upper MG contemporary for over a year. Just the incentive I need to finish this novel.

My “on hold” project is a YA ghost story that I’m dying to explore.

I’m not sick anymore!

The Science Fair is over! (3 kids + 3 projects/papers + 1 computer = too much tension) My life will finally start becoming my own soon.

The sun broke through the cloudy gray drizzle for about a half hour today!

And, it's Friday!!

Meet you on the other side....of either the weekend or in the Great Beyond.

What good news do you have to share? Has this song been stuck in anyone’s head besides mine this week?


  1. Good luck with the MG project, Suzie. Now knock-em dead.

  2. I prefer MG over YA any day.

  3. Thanks, Donna! I'll certainly try to at least knock their socks off.

    Karen, MG is great. But I love YA just as much.

  4. I thought that post was interesting, too, especially since I hadn't heard of any of the titles she listed toward the end of the post.

    David Farland (Runelords, etc.) spoke at a conference and said that mg was probably not a trend that was quite there yet for ereaders because fewer kids that age had them. Now if those same kids had phones that have Kindle or Nook apps, that might not be the case.

    Good luck on finishing your mg ms.

  5. Thanks for the link. Mandy's post was very interesting.

  6. Excellent! I'm going to go check out Mandy Hubbard's post. Glad about the science fair, and hope you have a good weekend too. :)