Monday, March 21, 2011

Library Magic

It’s been a good writing week. I sat down, I picked up a pencil, and I wrote. Big whoop, right? Not really. Most writers do this every day. What makes this week so special? I was able to accomplish this several times this week. Not extraordinary, I know, but lately it’s been hard to fall into a consistent writing groove. I’m trudging through the middle of my novel and needed to complete a chapter, which I did. Yay, me!

What made the difference for me was getting to the library twice this week and once the week before. I’m much more productive when I sit in my favorite place, the archive room on the second floor, with my stuff spread out on the table. And I’ve been lucky. I was able to get a table to myself all 3 times which is not always the case. When that happens I usually head to the third floor to an individual study cubby (another post in itself for another time). Most people that spend time in here take advantage of the wireless, enjoy the quiet for studying, and yes, sometimes take a nap in a cushy chair by one of the windows.

Or, like me, they write. *grin*

What I love about the archive room is that it hasn’t changed much over the years. The floor to ceiling, pained windows, the built in bookshelves lining the room, and the giant marble fireplace are the originals for at least as long as I can remember. Before the addition was put on many years ago, it used to be the children’s room. I have lots of fond memories of visiting this room as a child with my mother. Sure, the card catalogue is gone now and the children’s books have been moved to the lower level into a much bigger room (yay for more kid lit!). But my love of reading was nurtured by the books that I checked out and the spirit of those books is still there. Maybe that’s why my muse seems to come alive in the archive room more than anywhere else.

Although I don’t have the time to go daily, my goal is to get there once or twice a week for an hour or so until this first draft is finished.

Do you have a place that’s more productive to write?


  1. Congrats on getting so much done.

    My basement is where I write. I have a house that used to have room for six growing children, and now we're down to one. I have this nice large room--even painted like a castle (now for granchildren who have now moved far away). It's turned into my personal library and removes me from most distractions.

  2. Absolutely! I have my fave little corner of the library too. Give me books, silence, wifi and a comfortable chair and I'm set! :D

  3. It sounds like a great place - and congrats on getting so much done! My favourite place is in my office, looking out onto the street. I love my space!

  4. Donna, how wonderful that you have your own quiet place to write!

    Me too, Samantha! I love my library.

    Thanks, Talli. Your space sounds great!